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Tax and accounting law

The comercial activity, carried out either by a company or a freelancer, is subject to a number of obligations such as tax and accounting liabilities, which often determine the success of a Company.

Within the tax area, our work focuses on providing advice to our clients from three perspectives:

Previous planning

Before starting the activity to determine if it is more convenient, from a tax point of view, to plan the activity as a physical person or as a Company, taking into account the possible commercial implications of the decision taken.

Advice, preparation and submition

Of tax returns concerning employers and companies (on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis).

Assistance in potential tax requirements from the Treasury or the City Council

Both arising from tax management bodies and possible tax inspections that may occur, whatever the tax inspected is.

As far as the Accounting field concerns, Ayuso Abogados takes on the responsibility of carrying out the accounting of freelancers and companies, as well as submitting and legalizing their financial statements in the Trade Registry and submitting the Annual Report of the Company.


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