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Family law

Separation, divorce, custody, guardianship, visitation, alimony

We outstand for customized treatment to clients, discretion and respect for the parties. We advise you on your divorce, we explain to you clearly what parental authority, custody, etc mean, visitations and timesharing, and alimony amount to be set.

Wide experience in both, divorce by mutual consent and contentious divorce, experience in drafting regulatory agreements, agreement compliance (implementation process) and modifications.

After making this hard decision, you need to count on good advice on your divorce / separation.

We are also specialized in dissolution of community property, and in the difficult task of stocktaking and distributing assets between spouses, through judicial and non-judicial foreclosures.

Igualmente estamos especializados en la liquidación de la sociedad legal de gananciales, en la difícil tarea de realizar un inventario, y distribución del patrimonio entre los cónyuges. Tanto en la vía judicial como extrajudicial.

Consultation includes:

  • Drafting covenants, (custody, guardianship, visitation, alimony), modification of regulatory agreements, filing suits, guidance on psychosocial team test. Advice in case of going to court.
  • Dissolution and settlement of marial property. Guidance and advice regarding dissolution of community property


We are aware of the amount of documents required, and the need to get appropriate advice on this matter. Each family's requirements differ, therefore we understand that the best advice is to find the best solution to all problems that may arise in the future.


Considering the situation the family is living, and in view of how a disease may affect a person's capability, sometimes it is necessary to start a disability process either by the doctor's recommendation, or the family's consensus.

We provide advice. We are very sensitive to this matter, as we realize what difficult situation the family is going through. Here it is essential to have the right advice.


We have a team of highly qualified lawyers making and processing wills and dealing with inheritance proceedings. We outstand for our high specialization in the international area.

Wide experience in inheritance proceedings of French residents in Spain and Spaniards living abroad, including assets inquiries, assets and heirs investigation, together with a rigorous legal tax advice.

We also offer you to start an inheritance proceeding with a detailed study of each particular case, in order to provide the best service to our clients. We inform you in detail about all the implications of both, inheritance acceptance and rejection.

For us every case is important, regardless of its volume.

Our services include:

  • Advice on wills and drafting of wills.
  • Judicial and Notarial Declaration of Heirs / Probate.
  • Division of inheritance document.
  • Division of inheritance by judicial proceedings.
  • Inheritance and gift tax processing and settlement.
  • Forced heirship and bequests claims.
  • Inheritance of the family business.
  • International Inheritance.
  • Processing before public bodies (City Councils, Property Registry).

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