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Labour law

Our Firm, Ayuso Abogados comprises a team of professionals, where its members pool their knowledge and expertise, in order to develop the most appropriate solution to meet our clients' needs, whether it is a company, a freelancer or an individual, and in any field of law.

We develop comprehensive advice by putting our specialists at your disposal:

For companies

  1. Drafting legal reports.
  2. Advice on collective agreements.
  3. Contracts, joining and quitting, contributions to Social Security.
  4. Individual and collective-dismissal.
  5. Hearings before pre-judicial and judicial proceedings.

For workers

  1. Negotiations of working conditions (length, functions, mobility, salaries)
  2. Layoffs (Especial labour relations, managers, sportspeople, portworkers ...)

Ayuso Abogados

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Telephone: 91 578 26 34

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