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Criminal law

We put at your disposal our wide experience in defending clients and performing at the Police Station, Civil Guard, as well as in Courts. We provide expert professionals to defend clients in Court (Summary trials, Oral trials) Regional Courts, or before a Jury Trial.


In times of distress, when the police calls to tell you that a family member or a friend has been arrested, questions arise: what is this person accused of? how long will this person be detained at the Police Station?, what court is competent to handle and decide the case?, can this person be absolved?, what are the chances of being fined or of going to jail? .... We can help you answer these questions. You will find an effective response in us.


When you are feeling down because you have been robbed or cheated, or when you - or someone you love- are/is under a distressing situation because you have been injured, or when some kind of disability has been caused to you in violent circumstances (traffic accidents, robberies, attacks) and even worse, when someone you love dies under such circumstances, you feel distressed and overwhelmed due to the uncertainty of the process length to get the person responsible for that situations convicted. In all these cases you will find a comforting and effective response in us. Our experience in all these matters backs us up.


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