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Commercial law

This department provides you with a wide and flexible coverage, in establishing, maintaining and growing up your business.

We put our multi-disciplinary approach at your disposal, in order that labour, corporate, tax, and financial experts always have a quick and effective solution.

  • Advice on taking the most appropriate company form according to the client's needs.
  • Establishment of all kind of commercial and civil societies.
  • Advice on and development of all types of corporate transactions concerning your business.
  • Search and research of aids and subsidies for companies and freelancers.
  • Advice on how to finance companies.
  • Company registration in the Official Commercial Registry.

Industrial property

Exclusive rights on trademarks, inventions, designs, and the related sectors (unfair competition, intellectual property) in particular:

  1. Obtaining, maintaining and defending exclusive trademark, invention and design rights in national agencies (particularly in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office -OEPM-) and in international agencies (The Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market -OAMI-, World Intellectual Property Organization -WIPO-, European Patent Office -EPO-); as well as property registration and intellectual property right protection before the correspondent Registry (Registry of Intellectual Property).
  2. Judicial and extrajudicial assistance in domestic and international market conflicts concerning trademarks, inventions and designs, and the related sectors (unfair competition, intellectual property).
  3. Trading and contracting (assignments and licenses, settlement agreements) regarding exclusive rights for trademarks, inventions and designs, and the related sectors (unfair competition, intellectual property).


Our daily life is increasingly flooded with a constant turmoil of product and service offers. It is time, more than ever, for marketing and competition to capture the potential client who has multiple choices.

In the feverish activity of trademarks and trade names, mistakes may occur among similar or even identical names or graphics, either by chance or provoked. Only those who have obtained the exclusive rights through the appropriate Official Registry can prevent the coexistence of distinctive signs that cause the consumer's confusion.

Our firm provides entrepreneurs with the procedures to get their logos registered in the corresponding - National or European Union Office - and assists them in all register and market incidents arising from this kind of conflicts.


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