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Civil law

Ayuso Abogados provides you with the most appropriate legal solution to your case through our experience.

Despite the generality of law, this department outstands for a close contact with clients. It becomes evident that, after carrying out an individual and customized legal study, the most consistent with law solution is always reached to each problem..

Property law and delinquencies

We provide advice on contracts. We are specialized in real estate, particularly, in all matters affecting:


  • Advice on leasehold, rent updating and eviction.
  • Counsel on title deeds, land property registration, housing qualification and accommodate excess.
  • Advice on procedures with the Land Registry.


  • Guidance and counseling on claiming amounts, guidance on contracts and contract liabilities.
  • Advice on homeowners' associations and co-working urban companies.

Delinquent payments of bills

  • If you are a freelancer, and you find yourself in the awkward situation that you can not get your bills paid.
  • We advise you to settle the case out of court.
  • However, we realize that sometimes it is necessary to resort to courts when there is no other way to get paid. Our team is made up of lawyers with a longstanding experience in Court.

Liabilities of actors involved in the process of building

  • Our lawyers have an extensive experience in defense of Architects and their civil liability – contractual, non-contractual, administrative and criminal.

Specialized in banking

  • Claims for swaps, preferred securities. Our team provides advice and obtain favorable court rulings for our clients.

Ayuso Abogados

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